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Big data on the Russian roads will solve the problem of jams and accidents

Big data on the Russian roads will solve the problem of jams and accidents

Russia is preparing to launch a national technological initiative called AutoNet. Recently, the first stage has been approved – legislative development and elimination of administrative barriers. The workgroup consists of several agencies including the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Economic Development, and Rosavtodor (the Federal Road Transport Agency). The program is planned for 18 years.

The roadmap of the initiative contains an article about big data for transport. Authors of AutoNet plan to create conditions for collecting, storing, and providing of information provided by cars, i.e. car location and speed. Data will be collected through standard systems (tachographs) and stationary terminals: modern sensors are able to measure speed and traffic density. Currently, the workgroup is preparing changes in the law that will define the legal status of big data for transport and will ratify the procedure of data collection, storage, and analysis.

It is expected that integration and usage of big data technologies for the Russian transport will bring additional 730 billion rubles per year. Experts and the president of GLONASS UNION Alexander Gurko believe that the technology will reduce accident rate by 79% and increase road capacity by 45%.

High-tech transport monitoring and traffic control solutions are successfully used in London, Sydney, New York today.

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