September 25, 2018 / Opening hours: 10:00-18:00

AURORA Mobile Technologies: Badge Sponsor of IOT Conference

AURORA Mobile Technologies: Badge Sponsor of IOT Conference

Wireless technologies are a significant component of modern Internet of Things systems. AURORA Mobile Technologies provides professional navigation and wireless data transfer solutions. The company will become a Badge Sponsor at IOT Conference on September 25.

AURORA Mobile Technologies operates on GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi, GPS, and GLONASS technology markets, occupying a strong position in its all areas of expertise. It is recognized as one of the largest equipment providers in the sector. The company’s advantage is an integrated supply option: for instance, such kits as ‘wireless module + antenna + batteries and connectors’.

AURORA Mobile Technologies is focusing on GPS/ GLONASS monitoring: trackers for cars, bicycles, animals; geolocation sensors.

Do you require a reliable equipment provider? Look for representatives of AURORA Mobile Technologies at the Internet of Things conference!



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