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Abramovich invested £255 million in Truphone

Abramovich invested £255 million in Truphone

The Minden and Vollin Holdings companies, which belong to Roman Abramovich, invested £255 million in the Truphone mobile operator.

The main feature of Truphone is that you can connect several phone numbers from different countries to its SIM cards. At the moment, network is available in 220 countries.

The first Truphone developments were based on a software that complemented functionality of various operators in other countries. This gave users the opportunity to buy one SIM card and use it abroad without additional payment.

"We have a high degree of trust from the investor community, which means that we are on the right track. We have current data plans with advanced technological solutions," says Ralf Steffens, head of Truphone.

Truphone works as a connection provider for Apple's e-Sim based hardware, which today covers only iPad tablets, but can potentially spread on Truphone, working on smartphones and iPhones.

Analysts say that now Minden and Vollin Holdings own 83% of Truphone shares.


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