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Top 5 prospective Big Data companies

Top 5 prospective Big Data companies

Of course, the amount of such companies is much higher, but it will take a long time to discuss them. So we’ve tried to choose five ace high representatives by analyzing the potential of their developments and current achievements.

Palantir Technologies

One of the industry leaders, which can’t be omitted in this article, since the company develops analytical programs for special services, investment banks and hedge funds. For example, its Palantir Gotham algorithm is used by the US government for identifying terrorists and dangerous special criminals. And the Palantir Metropolis system can analyze and reveal the smallest details in huge amounts of financial transactions.

Palantir Technologies is a quite sheltered organization. Most of the available information is that provided by the company, but it is understandable: rank imposes obligations. Even its average annual revenue is not known: in 2015, experts said that the company's revenue ranges from $420 million to $1.5 billion. In 2017, according to some sources, it should earn about $2 billion.

Flatiron Health

The New York startup was founded by former employees of Google corporation Zak Weinberg and Nat Turner. The company has set an ambitious goal: to create a medical platform for the analysis and detection of cancer before obvious symptom expression, and we must say, that this task is being gradually solved. The platform already exists, and currently is used by several thousands of oncologists.

Flatiron Health has received impressive investments from several venture funds. Its estimated revenue is $75 million.


The company, with its headquarters in California, has created an effective cloud service for processing and storing big data. And all this is based on the open source Apache Hadoop.

Last year, it earned $261 million, but like all startups, it does not store the capital, but spends it on the development. As a result, in 2016, Cloudera had significant expenses as well: $187 million.

Farmers Business Network

It is an analytical service for independent farmers. The user logs into the system, enters data received during the harvest, on the basis of which Farmers Business Network gives recommendations on timing for the next crop, increasing yields, etc.

For 3 years, the service developers received an investment of $84 million, with half of the sum being received in March 2017.

App Annie

The company has created a very useful product: a platform for analyzing data on mobile applications. The system provides users with the information about market trends, sales, etc.

The company received financial support from 11 investors. The total amount of all investments is $156 million. Among the clients are the most famous brands and corporations, such as Microsoft, Samsung, etc.

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