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5 best CCTV cameras for smart home

 5 best CCTV cameras for smart home

Home security is a top priority. Especially, if the house is smart and the abundance of its technology can be a good bait for unwelcome guests. Therefore, if you intend to constantly monitor your ‘fortress’ from different points, it would be nice to have a good CCTV camera. To have a better idea about the modern assortment, we offer you a selection of the five best smart surveillance cameras for your home.

Netatmo Welcome

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This device is original in every sense. First of all, Netatmo Welcome is not supposed to be nailed to the wall unlike analogues. This camera has a shape of a narrow cylinder that can be placed on any horizontal surface. At first view nobody will even guess that there is a video surveillance device in front of them. Being able to identify faces, Netatmo Welcome will warn against a stranger in the house. It also gives you access to Full HD video for free.

The cost is £199.

Samsung SmartCam HD

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Just like Netatmo Welcome, this camera is not supposed to be nailed to the wall. One will have to find a suitable place for it somewhere on the shelf or table. The design of Samsung SmartCam HD resembles a video camera as its large round lens strikes the eye at once.

The camera supports Full HD 1080p video format and is also equipped with sound and motion sensors that are able to distinguish between human moves and, for example, curtains moves. The device has a built-in memory card slot, which allows the user to save the recorded video. The two-way communication channel will let the user communicate with a person in the room. Besides, SmartCam HD can be connected to Samsung's SmartThings platform, which will make it connected to other smart devices as well.

The cost is £129.

Kodak CFH-V20

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This device looks like a digital camera, which is not surprising considering who its manufacturer is. The camera can automatically turn on when users leave the house and turns off when they return. It is also equipped with a two-way communication channel. Kodak CFH-V20 saves all data to the cloud storage. You can view recordings made during the last 24 hours free of charge. Viewing earlier recordings requires payment.

The cost is $149.

Netatmo Presence

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This camera is designed for outdoor surveillance. It is fastened to the wall of the house. It can also replace a regular street lamp thanks to its built-in backlight. The viewing angle is 100 degrees, the detection range is 20 meters.

It is able to distinguish between different types of activity. The camera will inform the user in case a certain person, car or animal is repeatedly detected near the house. Optionally, you can switch on the Alert Zone mode, which makes the camera observe certain areas near your house extra carefully. The pinch-to-zoom function allows you to scale the video with two fingers. Also, the camera is equipped with an infrared vision system and can combine the latest captured video into a set of photos.

The cost is £249.

Nest Cam Outdoor

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Another camera for outdoor surveillance is a direct competitor of Netatmo Presence. The viewing angle here is better - 130 degrees. Nest Cam Outdoor records in Full HD 1080p format. It is equipped with a night vision mode and a two-way communication channel. The Person Alerts function allows it to distinguish between random movements caused by draughts and human moves.

The cost is £159.

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