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5 amazing innovative projects of Skolkovo

5 amazing innovative projects of Skolkovo

A lot of people both in Russia and abroad have heard of Skolkovo, but a majority of the them does not clearly realize what this major organization focuses on. But such a situation is easy to change! This article describes five most interesting, to our opinion, innovative solutions offered by Skolkovo residents and their special features.


The company produces similarly-named transforming invalid chairs. This development can be even called a smart transforming invalid chair. Surely, CaterWil can't speak or work out the route using GPS, but this wheelchair is designed to move seamlessly under tough road conditions. It is able to overcome high and even partially destroyed steps and deftly turn around in tight space. CaterWil also shows excellent passability on broken pavement, icy roads, and ground. In other words, according to developers, CaterWil is perfect for Russian conditions. Besides, it is three times cheaper than its foreign analogues.


Tretyakov, MarvelMind’s founder, initially constructed autonomous robots. Eventually, he noted that smart machines could not navigate indoors on their own. The GPS system helped them to function properly only outdoors but failed to function inside buildings. As the result, MarvelMind developed its own solution called MarvelMind Robotics.

Robotics is a high-accuracy navigation system based on ultrasound detector synchronization algorithms. Currently, MarvelMind Robotics is used by many major companies constructing robots, including Lufthansa, Philips, and Porsche.


The main achievement of this company is VisionLabs LUNA – a face recognition system. It is designed for identifying customer faces in such organizations as banks in order to prevent possible fraud. Such banks as Otkritie, Leto Bank and Kaspi Bank have already integrated VisionLabs development.

VisionLabs has also created Fase_iS, a face recognition system designed for retail shops.


Sputnix is a young Russian company, developing microchips and other technical elements for space satellites. It was the first in Russia to place the private satellite into orbit.

5 amazing innovative projects of Skolkovo

Now, the company is working on several projects. In particular, it is going to connect smart devices to the Internet via satellites. In this regard, one will put a whole array of tiny satellite devices equipped in a proper way into orbit in 2018. In 2016, Sputnix along with Anisoprint and specialists from Moscow Polytech started developing a 3D printer for operations within zero gravity.


This company focuses on human genome exploration. It is also developing a test for predicting and diagnosing rare genetic diseases. All people who are ready to pay 20 thousand rubles can pass this test right now. Paying this sum, a person will find out what diseases their body is especially vulnerable to and how high is the probability of developing these diseases in future.

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